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iCube Innovation

ICOM Square

14,000 sq. ft incubator innovation centre for Sarawak's young entrepreneurs in Kuching's vibrant business centre of ICOM Square. A perfect work environment and a place to exchange ideas and network. It is designed to facilitate the creation and growth of entrepreneurs through collaboration and co-incubation.



Work at any desk in an opened workspace or get work done with your own personal desk.

Only RM 10.00/day for a Hot Desk

RM 15.00/day for a Dedicated Desk

Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly options are available


Elite Workstations

If you are more productive late at night, check out our 24/7 Elite Coworking space!


Only RM 20.00/day for a Hot Desk

RM 25.00/day for a Dedicated Desk

Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly options are available


Private Office Suites

Move-in ready private office suites to maximize you and your team's productivity.


Room suitable for 1 to 6 pax, starting

from RM 470.00/month*

*Minimum 12 months tenancy


Elite Private Office Suites

If you are working in a different time zone,

our 24/7 Elite Office Suites are perfect for you!


Room suitable for 6 to 8 pax, starting from 

RM 1,700.00/month*

*Minimum 12 months tenancy


Meeting Room

Spacious room ready to accommodate physical, virtual and even hybrid meetings.

From RM 25.00/hour

2. The Space.png

Event Space

Adaptable hall suitable for media conference, learning workshops or board meeting.

From RM 100.00/hour*

*Minimum 4 hours usage


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